Carlsbad Raceway 2004


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Some shots of the final days of Carlsbad Raceway:

It's NEVER been this crowded!

The line getting into Carlsbad 08/07/2004

Going into the gates

Does that view look familiar?!

Overlooking the track

So this is what costs 40+ million dollars huh?

The tower at the dirt track

Doesn't look like much does it?

A look down at the 1/4 mile track

Another view of the 1/4 mile track

Yet another view of the 1/4 mile

And another...

Waiting in line

A view from inside the 4 door

Waiting in line

The last time the cars will be in this order ;)

Damn there's a lot of cars today

In the burnout box

Remain calm, try not to redlight!

Boynton's Blue Chevy II gets scared and redlights!

Stephan in line

A view of the starting line

In the burnout box

Stephan goes for a smokey burnout

Looks like an easy ass whoopin'

In the pits

Running down the track

Time to go home

Last shot of the day

Carlsbad R.I.P.

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