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Here are some things to do outside of drag racing stuff: 
Note: Have a sense of humor when you read these.

bulletFree Fun - Some fun things to do around town that don't cost anything.
bullet  A cool place to walk around and shop in Anaheim, CA.
bullet  Another cool outdoor mall type place in Hollywood, CA.
bulletMoney/Travel - Love to lose money?  There's no place better to do it than at the roulette tables in Las Vegas!  The biggest Sambuca shots available on the old strip!
bullet  A place to shower and sober up during your stay at the old strip.  A great place to store your luggage while on the old strip.
bulletFireworks - OCD when it comes to fireworks?  Check out Phantom Fireworks in Pahrump, NV:
bulletFirearms - Who doesn't like shooting (besides them damn liberals)?  Check these out!
bullet  A cool place to go shooting, skeet and targets out to 200 yards.  Want a big gun?  Get one while they're still legal.
bulletNightcaps - What good are fireworks, guns, and gambling if you're not drinking?  Claim Jumper is the place to go; go straight to the bar for quick seating <wink><wink>:
bulletPornography - Why watch it when you can be in it!  After you get your fill of booze, firearms, and fireworks, head on over to the Chicken Ranch!
bullet  Cock-a-doodle-doo  Tired of the Chicken Ranch ladies?  Walk across the street to Sheri's Ranch!  Of course if you're broke you can always just look.



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