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Welcome to the TeamCSR Website!

TeamCSR was founded in the early 80's by a group of friends who had an interest in 1/4 mile drag racing; it started as a fun hobby of 11 and 12 second pump gas cars and blossomed into 8 and 9 second blown injected full body back half cars.

If you're interested in 1/4 mile drag racing or just want to look for some tips and charts on engine building, chassis information, horsepower charts or other information you've come to the right place!  Sit down, strap yourself in, and pray that when the wheels come down you're not headed for the guardrail!

P.S.  If you're wondering, yes we're aware that there are other groups out there calling themselves TeamCSR; but rest assured that not only does our group of friends predate them all by at least 10 years - not a single one of them has any idea of what the CSR really means ;)!

Note: This site is still undergoing construction so some links and pages may not work correctly yet!

NEW NEWS: New 1/8th mile track opens at Lake Perris for Friday night drags - click here for more info

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Just a few short years ago, somewhere around November 2003, my best friend of 20 years John Ortega asked me to help him setup this website and update it through the years.  We had been through thick and thin together, good times and bad, but no matter what happened we always remained good friends.  He was a true friend to me and to many people.  It still seems so surreal as I type this, but on March 19, 2007 John passed away.  Please say a prayer for him as you browse through this site filled with fond memories of John and his many friends and hobbies.  ~Allen

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Photo Album

What does that license plate say?!  Take a look at our Photo Gallery of cars, shows, friends, and race track fun.


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bullet Irwindale Dragstrip
bulletBakersfield (Famoso) Dragstrip
bulletPalmdale (Los Angeles County Raceway)

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